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Winter is Coming….

19 Oct 2016

Lytera Skin Brightening - Injectables

Its time for your pigmentation removal..

If you feel like your ageing, chances are its because you are noticing sudden dark spots appearing on your skin or an uneven facial skin tone.

Now that winter is upon us, its the perfect time to undertake a pigment removal treatment series. Pigmentation mainly occurs when an excess of UVA rays stimulate your pigment cells and cause melanin to be produced. You see it as a tan appearing on the skin (or a sunburn) but this also may cause dark spots or patches to appear on your skin as well.

As UV rays penetrate down into the skin, the body releases melanin to help cover and protect the cells. With continued exposure, melanin production can go into overdrive, resulting in clustered pigment areas, otherwise known as freckles, sun spots and age spots. It can also occur following trauma to the skin, pregnancy or hormone imbalances.

The Lytera Solution…

This skin brightening complex really is the hero among all other skin brightening products on the market. To date, Lytera is the most powerful pigmentation serum with studies showing that 79% of users reporting improvement in evenness after just 3 months of use while 95% of users reported an overall improvement.

This lightweight lotion takes a cocktail approach to treating brown spots. Containing an impressive amount of key ingredients such as niacinamide and stabilised Vitamin C, both of which have excellent research backing their ability to brighten discolouration. Retinol and licorice root also contribute to the lightening process.

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