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Eye Dr (high potency eye treatment)


Eye Dr (high potency eye treatment)

11 Nov 2018

Liquid  crystal  eye  serum  that  replenishes  damaged,  thinning  skin  around  the eyes.

The  ultimate  combination  of  AGP  Complex  and  cococin  growth  factors  help  reduce  the appearance  of  fine  lines.  The  addition  of  copper  complex  provides  potent  strengthening  power  for  the delicate  eye  tissue.  This product minimizes  the  appearance  of  fine  lines  and  discolorations,  as  well  as  puffy  eyes.


  • Protects and  purifies
  • Antioxidant
  • Emollient/moisture binding
  • Helps reduce  appearance  of  fine  lines

Suited for:

  • Dry/dehydrated
  • Fine lines
  • Post op/Laser/Chemical peel
  • Post injections
  • Puffy eyes
  • Discolorations
  • Loss of  firmness
  • Menopausal/Peri-menopausal

Containing Nobel Prize winning ingredient technology, it is no wonder this eye treatment is the hero product of the entire range!