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Volume Enhancing Services Gold Coast – Lip Enhancement

At Injectables Anti-Aging Clinic Gold Coast, we offer the very best dermal filler (Allergan only) plus the latest dermal filler techniques for all areas of the face including lip enhancement, lip fillers and many more to keep our patients looking youthful & beautiful. We offer complimentary dermal filler consultations with our Senior Clinical Nurse Consultant Sarah Guerrera RN GCH MNP, who has over seventeen years of experience in aesthetic medicine and over twenty years experience providing care for dermatological conditions. Book your complimentary consultation today by booking online or call 07 5526 2331.


The face can be divided into three main areas; the upper, mid and lower facial areas. Dermal fillers in Gold Coast are used for a variety of treatments in these areas with a focus on mid and lower face areas.

Dermal Fillers for the Upper Face:

The main areas of treatment for the upper face area include the temples and the brows. These procedures are used mainly for temporal hollowing and for a lateral brow lift through the use of dermal fillers (can also be achieved through use of anti-wrinkle injections) depending on the individual client.

Dermal Fillers for the Mid-Face:

The main areas of treatment in the mid-face are the tear troughs and the area where the eyelids and the cheeks meet (lid cheek junction) as well as sculpting volume into the cheek area itself. These treatments are used most often to improve the appearance of deteriorating cheek volume, which occurs naturally with age and often causes a ‘flattening’ of the face as well as sunken and or tired eyes.

Dermal Fillers for the Lower Face (lip fillers):

The main areas of treatment for the lower third of the face include lip fillers, the nasolabial folds (border of your cheeks extending from your nose to either side of your mouth) and the jawline (including pre-jowl sulcus). These treatments are most often used to smooth or embellish contour lines of the lips or jawline. Dermal Fillers can also be used for lip enhancement or lip augmentation using lip fillers to add volume and improve lip definition in younger lips. For rejuvenation, the vertical lines around your lips may also be treated. This gives a more youthful appearance and will also help prevent lipstick bleeding.

Dermal Fillers are also used to treat deeper wrinkle lines that anti-wrinkle injectables cannot alter.

The versatility of dermal filler treatments available and the experience of RN Sarah Guerrera allows a custom recommendation for treatment that addresses your specific needs.

Lip Enhancement or Lip Augmentation Gold Coast

As we age, there is often some thinning of the lips, the mouth may begin to droop and the cupid’s bow may lose some of its shape. Loss of volume and wrinkles can lead to “lipstick bleed” around the mouth which may be caused by sun exposure, ageing and especially smoking. The ageing process, during which a natural loss of collagen and fat in the facial area occurs, may make vertical lip lines and loss of overall shape and volume more profound.

To find out more about how lip fillers or lip enhancement can help you to achieve youthful, luscious lips using dermal fillers for our lip filler treatments, make an enquiry today. RN Sarah Guerrera has over a decade of experience with dermal filler for lip filler treatments and as an injector on the Gold Coast she is happy to consult with you to discuss your needs and concerns.


What’s The Next Step?

For the very best in dermal fillers on the Gold Coast, contact Injectables today. If you are looking for the best anti-wrinkle injections Gold Coast, click here.

Allergan Dermal Fillers and lip filler range in price from $500-550 per mL and every one of them contains a built-in local anaesthetic to relieve any minor discomfort you may experience during your lip injection appointment. We also use a topical numbing cream and ice the area when doing any dermal filler treatment, especially lip fillers for lip enhancement to ensure patient comfortability.

Fillers can plump small areas such as the lips and brows and volumise larger areas like the cheeks and jawline. They can be used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections, which relax facial muscles or with other treatments that restore skin tone to rejuvenate the whole face. Discuss your personal concerns with RN Sarah Guerrera to find a solution that fits your needs.


Dermal fillers come in a range of different consistencies, from very light and soft for delicate and mobile areas like the lips, to denser types that are used in deeper folds. The area, depth of placement and unique lifting and smoothing properties of the different fillers will be discussed with you by RN Sarah Guerrera during consultation.

Dermal fillers produce instant results – a typical first procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes – and you should be able to return to your daily activities right away.

Dermal fillers are usually well tolerated and durable, lasting from 6 to 24 months, depending on the product used and what area is being treated.

All of our Allergan dermal fillers also contain an anaesthetic, which can reduce any minor discomfort you may experience during injection.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

None of the following should be taken for 2 weeks prior to your appointment in order to achieve the best possible results as well as to minimise bruising and swelling.

  • Multi Vitamins            
  • Vitamin E
  • Aspirin
  • Omega 3
  • Green Tea
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Fish Oil
  • Flax Seed Oil
  • Blood Thinning Medications

Eating large quantities of capsicum or fish may promote bruising. Please check with your doctor before stopping any medications (blood thinners).

Post Treatment Instructions (Dermal Filler)

Please avoid touching or applying make-up to the treated area for at least 12 hours post treatment. Drink plenty of water!

Avoid the following for 24 hours.

  • Massages
  • Saunas
  • Strenuous Exercise
  • Alcohol/Smoking
  • Facial Waxing
  • Excessive Pressure

Any concerns about your treatment should be directed to RN Sarah Guerrera at the Injectables clinic on 0755262331.

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